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Our Story

Innovation and imagination are our guiding principles. We respect and are inspired by the classics and proven performers and evolve what's next. 25 years later we are still at it with just as much passion and creativity as day one.


Brian Abrams founds Adventure Tech, a design and build company dedicated to delivering highest performance apparel and gear to the Military Spec Op Community. Brian quickly found himself in the mountains, on helicopters and in the snow, providing instruction, training and design to high speed military and tactical units.


Adventure Tech becomes one of a select few U.S. certified and licensed manufacturers of Gore-Tex products used by the U.S. military. Additionally, it becomes the only company licensed by WL Gore to manufacture for both military and consumer markets.


Brian designs the M.A.C.K. KIT (Marine Assault Climbers Kit) and is awarded his first of many military contracts for gear and apparel. 100 kits valued at almost $2 million are assembled and delivered to strategic locations around the world.


The 9/11 disaster happens. All FEMA rescue workers are outfitted with Adventure Tech apparel, chosen for its high performance characteristics and unmatched durability. Throughout this period, both Brian and Adventure Tech earn a reputation for advanced design, innovation, and expert consultancy in the Spec Op community, along with numerous other military, tactical and government agencies.


Adventure Tech is sold. Brian designs the Marine Corps IWCS (Inclement Weather Combat Shirt,) the most technically advanced flame retardant combat shirt ever fielded to enhance warfighter survivability. The Marine Corps Systems Command approaches Brian to design and develop a new lightweight sleeping system. The 3-Season Sleep System becomes a reality, and one of the largest domestic sleeping bag efforts to date.


On a crisp and cold January morning during the winter of 2014, Brian begins the long ski ascent of Washington’s Amabilis Mtn. He finds himself beside a crude wooden sign that reads Amabilis Mtn 12k. This eureka moment inspires the name for his next project, and the AMABILIS concept is born.


Brian designs the company’s signature load hauler. Christened The Dave Duffel, the bag honors iconic military heritage, the memory of a Marine, business partner, and his best friend, Dave Ruiz. The bag ushers in a proud lineage of exceptionally built gear by AMABILIS.